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Why satisfied customers bought Golden Ratio's Flat Top Uplift:
"The Golden Ratio team has continued to amaze me with their innovative and creative approach to supporting the bodywork profession. By expanding and uplifting the role of massage and massage therapists, their positive marketing methods have done a lot to help my career, as I know they have many others. Their message is as high-quality as their products."

Steve Capellini,
LMT, spa consultant,
author of The Royal Treatment, Massage Therapy Career Guide, and Massage for Dummies,
Miami, FL

The electric-lift table that looks like a stationary!

• Your Olympus is a solid table that
   does not slide or rock while lifting.
• Strong and long-lasting, it delivers top
   performance at minimum cost.
• Ultra-quiet! The powerful UBC motor,
   tucked under the upholstered top, lifts
   almost inaudibly.
• Double-adjustable height range from
   19" - 41", 10" manual (with
   extension legs) and 12" electric lift
   (foot pedal).
• Extra-low-range leg option adjusts from
   13" to 41"
• ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible.

Our Olympus Salon Top give you electric-uplift capability for facials, massage, reflexology and other spa and salon treatment at a very affordable price. The contoured seat manually adjusts to create client comfort and easy access for you. Get the warmth of wood with the freedom of an electric!

Plush Triple-wrap foam
Holes at both ends for accessories
Any Levante vinyl
Adjustment pedal
Height range 19"- 41"

QuickTouch™ head support $105
Full Footrest 9" x 24" $60

Width 27" or 30", Length 67"
Four-section top, square corners
Salon headrest/neck support
Elevating Side Arms
Salon Footrest
Backrest adjusts manually from 0° to 40°
Back, knee and foot levels adjust manually