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QUICKTOUCH™ Head Support System

The only head support
that can be set at
an oblique angle.

Flips under the table
for storage.

Adjusts perfectly for the
comfort of each client.

Set can be level with the table.

Raises 5" above the
table. Good position
for large clients.

Use on top of the table
as head rest or with
positioning bolsters.

QuickTouch Head Support: $105


The INNOVATIVE QUICKTOUCH™ is the most VERSATILE head support system available! The push-button mechanism adjusts to HUNDREDS OF POSITIONS. Adjustments can be made for height and tilt. There are no pinched fingers or hair there is no cam lock. The frame weighs only 15 oz. is totally open at the neck. The QuickTouch™ can be placed on top of the table for use with positioning bolsters. The crescent pillow provides maximum support while avoiding pressure on the sensitive sinus areas. Turn it 180 degrees for use as a neck bolster.

Other Head Supports

The STRAIGHT CRESCENT Face Support is the most cost-effective way to add length to your table and offer your client more comfort. Adds 11" of length to the table.
The CRESCENT TILT Face Support, with one-hand operation, allows you to maintain contact with the client while you adjust it to an infinite range of positions.
CRESCENT INSERT AND PLUG allows more comfort for your clients while lying prone. The plug restores your table to a flat surface. Requires Triple-wrap foam.
Straight Crescent                $55

Frame only                            $25
Crescent Tilt                         $5

Frame only                            $60

Crescent Insert Plug               $30
PlugInUltraLeather                  $10

Crescent Insert Pillow             $30
In UltraLeather                 add $10


Prices subject to change without notice.   Please call for latest pricing information.

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