Golden Ratio



Round Corners
First developed by Golden Ratio at the request of Lomi Lomi practitioners in 1993. Aesthetically pleasing, they allow greater freedom of movement for the practitioner. They are standard on the Master Bodyworker, Prolite Flat Top, Prolite Salon and most electric uplifts. Contrasting colors for the round corners available at no extra cost. Requires Triple-wrap foam.

Crescent Insert and Plug
allows more comfort for your clients while lying prone. Price includes crescent pillow and custom round hole with flange to keep pillow in place.

Price: $95
In UltraLeather add $20

The Crescent Insert Plug The plug restores your table to a flat surface.

Plug $30
Plug in UltraLeather              add $10

Mortised Hi-Arch End Plates
Also called "Reiki" end plates. Offer the best leg and knee access possible. Only available on Master Bodyworker, Maxim Light and Master Bodyworker Classic.
Please note: Armrest/Footrest Combo may not be used with this option.

Price: $50

Hi-Low End Plates
Available at no charge on the Master Bodyworker, Nautilus II & III. Optional on the Maxim Light.

Price: $10

The Neck Recess
Allows for maximum comfort without pressure on the neck or Adam's apple and allows the therapist easier access to the neck area. Requires Triple-wrap foam.

Price: $50

The Pregnancy Option
An oval opening large enough for the most advanced pregnancy, firmly and comfortably supporting with a lattice of elastic strips. The insert restores the table for standard use. Includes a neck recess, except on the Professional. Requires a face support and triple-wrap foam. Available on 30" and 33" tables. Not available on Maxim Light.

Price: $159

On the Professional,
no neck recess $159



Prices subject to change without notice.   Please call for latest pricing information.