Golden Ratio



The QuickTouch™ Head Support System is the most versatile head support system on the market today! PATENTED

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QuickTouch™ $105
Frame only $75

Stationary Sidearms give you an extra 4" by 15" of space at just 15 oz. a pair. They are perfect for therapists on the run. Can be set in two positions. Essential for narrow tables. Requires holes in the table.

Stationary Sidearms $42
In UltraLeather add $20

Sliding Sidearms provide multiple positions for arm support with a simple sliding action that can be placed anywhere on the upper half of the table. Essential for narrow tables. Requires holes in the table.

Sliding Sidearms $95
In UltraLeather add $20

Elevating Sidearms for 2 piece and 4 piece tops.
Adds functional comfort for your clients.
Requires holes in the table.

Spa Tables $85
Stationary Tables $65
In UltraLeather add $20

Armrest/Footrest Combo is one of the most versatile extensions available. The armrest has three positions. This allows therapists better access to the upper back and is extremely relaxing for the client. The armrest pulls out to be used as a 9" x 24" footrest.  Please call 800-345-1129 to order.

For Portables $90
For Stationaries $90
For Electric Uplifts $99

Golden Ratio's Universal Armrest clips to any headrest or face cradle and allows the arms to rest comfortably off the end of any massage table. Three straps with padded armrest.

Universal Armrest $50
In UltraLeather add $20

Footrest Lite (Salon Footrest) provides an extra 4" of length to your table right where you need it. Only 15" wide. Weighs 8 oz.

Salon Footrest $20
In UltraLeather add $20

Full Footrest adds 9" to your table and more comfort for your client. Rounded corners. 24" wide.

Full Footrest $60
In UltraLeather add $20

The Salon Head/Neckrest is the most cost-effective way to add length to your table and offer your client more comfort.

Salon Head/Neckrest $55
In UltraLeather add $20

The Straight Crescent Face Support is the most cost-effective way to add length to your table and offer your client more comfort. Adds 11" of length to the table.

Straight Crescent $55
In UltraLeather add $20
Frame only $25

The Crescent Tilt Face Support with one-hand operation, allows you to maintain contact with the client while you adjust it to an infinite range of positions. Our crescent pillow is the most comfortable on the market today. Its contoured shape is designed to provide maximum support while avoiding pressure on the sensitive sinus areas. When turned 180 degrees, it can also be used as a neck bolster.

Crescent Tilt $90
In UltraLeather add $20
Frame only $60

Vinyl Boot for all Electric Uplifts. Padded vinyl upholstery for the pedestal on electric tables. Adds style color and protects pedestal.

Vinyl Boot $69
In UltraLeather add $20

Pron Pillo for Wet Tables. Vinyl-coated, waterproof pillow elevates head and shoulders for comfort in breathing while prone.

Pron Pillo $150

Replacement Drape for Soft-Top Wet Tables. Vinyl drape has face hole cut-out. Easily removed and cleaned. Protects wet table from salts, muds, etc.

Replacement Drape $89


Prices subject to change without notice.   Please call for latest pricing information.