Golden Ratio



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Why satisfied customers bought Golden Ratio's Flat Top Uplift:
"Style--Love the Look! Thanks you for all your help. It shows that you have a great company--after nine months you still take care of us!"
Sharon S, NY
The electric-lift table that looks like a stationary!

(also available in Salon Top & Facial Top)

Patents Pending
Shown with optional QuickTouch head support

Shown at 19", the Olympus is
ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible.
Maximum height is 41".

Introducing the brand-new Olympus Electric Lift Table — the affordable alternative to scissor-lift design. You get the greatest height range available in the industry!

Width 30", Length 73"
Plush Triple-wrap foam
Holes at both ends for accessories
Any Levante vinyl
Adjustment pedal
Height range 19"- 41"
5-year structural guarantee
2-year guarantee on motor and pedals

QuickTouch™ head support $105
Full Footrest 9" x 24" $60

• Your Olympus is a solid table that
   does not slide or rock while lifting.
• Strong and long-lasting, it delivers top
   performance at minimum cost.
• Ultra-quiet! The powerful UBC motor,
   tucked under the upholstered top, lifts
   almost inaudibly.
• Double-adjustable height range from
   19" - 41" ооо 10" manual (with
   extension legs) and 12" electric lift
   (foot pedal).
• Extra-low-range leg option adjusts from
   13" to 41"
• ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible.